Davco Lanko 184 (5 Litres Liquid & 20kg Powder) Flexible Floor Leveller

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BrandsDavco Consumtion20kg bag: 12m2 at 1mm thick Product TypeTwo Part Levelling DeliverySame Day
AVJ Ceramics

Davco Lanko 184 

Flexible Floor LevellerIs a flexible, 2 part floor leveller that provides a superior smooth and level finish for internal applications It can be used in place of cement sheet underlay in tiling or in place of hardboard underlay in carpet or vinyl installations.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for use on flexible substrates such as correctly installed timber floors, fibre cement sheets and metal decks
  • Secure bonding over existing floor tiles and old adhesives
  • Economical alternative to hardboard underlay
  • Ideal for heavy foot traffic areas
  • Internal applications only
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Tile over in 4 hours
  • Application 1-25mm
  • Packaging: Part A available in a 20kg bag and Part B available in a 5L jerry can
Brands :
20kg bag: 12m2 at 1mm thick
Product Type:
  • Two Part Levelling
Delivery :
Same Day

Davco Lanko 184 Data Sheet (Davco_Lanko_184_Data_Sheet.pdf, 125 Kb) [Download]

Davco Lanko 184 Liquid Safety Data Sheet (davco-lanko-184-flexible-floor-leveller-liquid-sds.pdf, 320 Kb) [Download]

Davco Lanko 184 Powder Safety Data Sheet (davco-lanko-184-powder-sds.pdf, 353 Kb) [Download]

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