Multibond SMX50 is a high quality, fast curing, single component flexible adhesive and sealant with high adhesive strength. Perfect for internal & external applications. Based on SMX® Polymer Multibond SMX50 has a “Shore A” hardness of 40 ideal for trafficable joints and can accommodate movement of ± 20%. Multibond SMX50 has excellent UV resistance, elasticity and can be sanded and painted with most types of paint. Once cured forms a strong, flexible, waterproof seal and bonds to the widest range of substrates see below. Multibond SMX50 can be used for damp and wet surfaces.
BrandsSoudal ColourConcrete Grey Product TypePolyurethane Sealant Size600ml Sausage (Box of 12) DeliverySame Day
$118.80 ($130.68 inc gst)
Polyurethane expanding foam equipment cleaner. For use with Sika Boom G expanding foam. Cleans and maintains application equipment to ensure performance. Maximises the life of application equipment.
BrandsSika Product TypePolyurethane Foam
$14.24 ($15.66 inc gst)
Sikaflex® Tank N is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant which is used in areas for the storage, filling and handling of water polluting liquids.
BrandsSika Product TypeSealant DeliveryNext Day
$327.84 ($360.62 inc gst)
INFORMATION ARDEX RA 040 ARDEX RA 040 is a one-component, polyurethane based joint sealant. It has excellent bond strength to most porous and non-porous substrates without the use of a primer. ARDEX RA 040 is non-sag and may be applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Typical Uses:...
BrandsArdex Product TypePolyurethane Sealant DeliverySame Day
$8.18 ($9.00 inc gst)
Sikaflex-400 Fire is a fire rated, 1-component, moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant.
BrandsSika Product TypeSealant
$259.20 ($285.12 inc gst)
High-performance over paintable 1-part professional weatherproofing sealant for concrete, masonry and EIFS facades.


Black Grey White
BrandsSika ColourBlack Product TypeSealant
$283.44 ($311.78 inc gst)
Sika Backing Rod is manufactured from extruded, open cell polyurethane foam, available in rods with different diameters and lengths.


15mm x 150mtr Roll 20mm x 100mtr Roll 30mm x 60mtr Roll 40mm x 30mtr Roll 50mm x 20mtr Roll
BrandsSika Product TypeBacking Rod Size15mm x 150mtr Roll DeliveryShips in 1 week from supplier
$121.89 ($134.08 inc gst)
SIKASIL-670 Fire rated joint sealant.
BrandsSika Product TypeSealant
$126.58 ($139.24 inc gst)
Sika Firerate is a gunnable acrylic based jointing and sealing compound specially formulated with inorganic fillers to provide a fire barrier. Sika Firerate has been tested for fire resistance for up to 4 hours according to AS 1530.4 in masonry wall and floor joints.
BrandsSika Product TypeSealant
$134.55 ($148.01 inc gst)
Sika Boom-AP is a fast curing expanding foam. It can be used as a fixing and insulating foam.


500ml Aerosol Can (Box of 12) 750ml Aerosol Can (Box of 12)
BrandsSika Product TypePolyurethane Foam Size500ml Aerosol Can (Box of 12)
$145.30 ($159.83 inc gst)
Sika Filler-107 is a water based, ready to use general purpose surface filler for use in wet areas.
BrandsSika Product TypeFiller
$8.69 ($9.56 inc gst)
Sikadur-31 is a thixotropic adhesive mortar based on a 2-component solvent free epoxy resin containing fillers. Sikadur-31 will bond and fill a wide variety of building and construction materials and may be used in both dry and damp conditions thereby providing an adhesive mortar ideally suited to site application. It is available in three grades: rapid, normal and long pot life for low, medium and high ambient temperatures respectively.
BrandsSika Product TypeSealant
$201.38 ($221.52 inc gst)
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